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Dirk Pitt Revealed (Non Fiction)
The majority of Clive's adventure novels are part of multi-book series.
We believe you will find the novels a great summer reading escape and an everyday, anyday adventure.
(Softcover: 544 pagesISBN: 0671026224Publish Date: 1998) with Co-Author Craig Dirgo

This truly unique insider's book, you can dive in and explore the worlds of both Clive Cussler, the grand master of adventure and Dirk Pitt, the world's greatest action adventure hero. Numa founder, explorer; underwater expeditions shipwrecks.

Inside Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt Revealed you'll find: the prologue to Clive Cussler's next exciting Dirk Pitt novel! An exclusive interview with Clive Cussler - including the evolution of the Dirk Pitt novels and the close ties between Cussler and his hero.

"The Reunion" - an original short story in which Cussler crashes NUMA's twenty-year reunion and reminisces with Dirk Pitt and all his favorite characters. A brief synopsis of every Dirk Pitt novel, including why Pacific Vortex! - not The Mediterranean Caper - should be considered the first Pitt novel. A concordance for the Dirk Pitt novels - complete A-Z listings of every major character, car, ship, aircraft, weapon, locale, and more. Complete with rare photos, dedications, the Clive Cussler car collection, and advanced Dirk Pitt trivia, Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt Revealed contains a mother lode of information every fan will treasure.

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Dirk Pitt is the ultimate man of action: always ready for any challenge, always prepared to pit quick wits and brawn against an intractable problem.

Ex-US Air force, he is cool, courageous and resourceful, which is why he works for the US National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA) - the undersea counterpart to NASA. In service of NUMA Pitt travels across the globe - and wherever he goes, action and adventure are sure to follow...

When shopping for Clive's novels keep in mind the collectability of his novels in each adventure series as they span a lifetime of writing; each novel building on the last, providing readers and collectors alike with entertainment for generations to come. Throughout the years there have been many covers on various books due to reprints and releases in other formats; each has a unique ISBN # associated with it.
( Hardcover, Paperback, Large Print, Us. Import, Mass Market Paperbacks, Audio, etc.)

Many of Clive's novels are also available in audio book format.

For a complete chronological list of Clive's novels click here to download a pdf file.

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